Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little overdue

             Creating a blog was not so hard; it is just trying to figure out ways to create the page that takes awhile.  It is a little different than anything else I have ever used before.  It is time consuming and I sometimes forget that I have to do it.  But also I have no idea what really to write about, so that makes blogging a little more difficult.  But I guess there is no right or wrong answer and it is just all my opinions.  
For the first class we learned about every bodies name and their “favorite” dance move.  We also started up our gmail, blog, and twitter.  Our first blog was I hope, will, and believe, we also created a video to it (which I have yet to get).  Our first class was a little overwhelming and something completely new to me.  I was not expecting to be doing something like this for this class, but I know that I will be learning about a lot more than just how to write papers. 
Over the summer I did not really do anything that helped me become a better teacher.  I work two jobs and neither of them deals with children or my profession.  But I have been around children all my life, my mom owns and runs a day care center in my house.  So I have been around children all summer, I watched many of them go through the stages that I learned about in Motor Development, and even used some of my Adventure Activities games on them.
            I did go to Raquette Lake where I learned about outdoor education, which is something that I will be incorporating into my curriculum when I become a teacher.  That is something that I feel has helped me become a better teacher.  It is something that I really enjoyed and feel that it is something that students should be introduced to.  It entails survival skills which is something that is really important because you never know what can happen.  It also has a lot of physical activity from hiking, canoeing, and kayaking.  Those two things are very good exercise for anyone and best of all everything that is involved with outdoor education, is a lifelong activity.
The New York State Curriculum Framework is about things that we are supposed to teach that leads up to lifelong utilization.  These skills in outdoor education are a lifelong skill that everyone can do at any age.  So therefore there is one thing that I did over the summer that will make me a better teacher, going to Raquette Lake.  Also my students will learn more effectively because they will learn by doing and being involved.  Students will not be sitting in a classroom learning about how to hold a compass and then get them someplace, they will actually be outside getting themselves somewhere.  This is something that the students will be able to learn about and then use in their future.

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